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Garador Garage Doors

Garador Garage Doors

We supply and install Garador Garage Doors. Garador are the largest UK garage door manufacturer, manufacturing Garage Doors in the UK since 1952. Garador Garage Doors manufacture garage doors of all types including Canopy, Retractable, Side Hinged, Sectional Doors and Roller Shutters. Available in a selection of materials including steel, fibreglass (GRP), uPVC and wood in ranges to suit all budgets. We offer a full repair service on all existing Garador garage doors as well as the option of full remote control, which can be fitted to new, as well as existing Garador garage doors.

We also supply garage doors and roller shutters from the other major manufacturers including Hörmann, Carteck, Woodrite, Warm Protection Products and Wessex Doors.

What Garage Door Do I Need?

Canopy Garage Doors

A Canopy Garage Door when opened protrudes out beyond the garage by about one-third of the doors height. It operates in vertical tracks using overhead springs and cables.
This type of door is not ideal for automation.
Available in Steel, uPVC, Wood and GRP.

Retractable Garage Doors

A Retractable Garage Door when opened full retracts into the garage on horizontal tracks. It is operated by springs on the side.
This type of door is suitable for automation.
Available in Steel, uPVC, Wood and GRP.

Traditional Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors are doors that are side hung and open outwards.
These doors can be automated using special conversion arms.
Available in Steel, uPVC, Wood and GRP.

Sectional Garage Doors

A Sectional Garage Door is opened by a vertical lift action, guided by fixed vertical and horizontal tracks, the sectional door has the advantage of having no out-swing when opening or closing, allowing for close parking either side of the door. Ideal for use with larger vehicles, such as 4x4s and people carriers, sectional doors are also climate-sealed when installed.
This type of door is suitable for automation.
Available in Steel, Wood and GRP.

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

A Roller Shutter Garage Door lifts vertically and rolls around a drum instead of travelling into the garage on tracks. Ideal space saving solution.
Available in Aluminium (Powder Coated).
Click here for Roller Shutters.

All garage doors are available in a range of colours.

Finance now available on all of our product range including garage doors, patio awnings, entrance doors, glass rooms, garages & workshops and hot tubs.

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