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Enjoy a bit of luxury with an automated garage door at an affordable price.

You can operate a automatic garage door as conveniently as your TV. On the press of a button, you drive into your garage, protected from all weathers. When it's dark, the direct route affords you greater safety and security.

At Lime we only use materials of the highest standard and quality, and that is why we insist on using Hörmann Automation units.

Our garage door automation units incorporate an automatic door latching system where the operator and remote control replace a lock and handle. The garage door automatically locks on closing, making it impossible to forcefully lever open. The automatic latching system is a mechanical device and therefore remains fully functioning even in the event of a power failure.

All Hörmann units are made to German engineering standards and the Hörmann SupraMatic and ProMatic come with a 5 Years Hörmann Guarantee.

Burglars have a tough time when it comes to Hörmann automatic garage doors: When the garage door is closed, the door security kit automatically engages in the guide rail stop, immediately locking and securing it against forced opening. This lock is purely mechanical and, in contrast to operators from other manufacturers, effective even in the event of a power failure.

The reliable automatic safety cut-out securely stops the door if it encounters an obstacle. For even more protection and safety, we recommend fitting a non-contact photocell. This is a standard feature in the Hörmann SupraMatic P operator.

Hörmann provides you with a completely standardised and compatible system. You can operate your Hörmann garage door and entrance gate operator with just a single hand transmitter.

You can enter faster and more safely with the SupraMatic operator when combined with a Hörmann sectional garage door. An opening speed up to 50% faster means more safety and less stress on high-traffic streets.

Finance now available on all of our product range including garage doors, patio awnings, entrance doors, glass rooms, garages & workshops and hot tubs.

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