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Welcome to Lime, the approved premier partner for Aquavia Spas

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Welcome to Lime, the approved premier partner for Aquavia Hot Tubs

Lime are proud to be an approved premier partner for Aquavia Spas, the largest manufacturer of hot tubs and hydro massage in Europe, with over 30 years' of experience and success, during which they have remained committed to in-house manufacturing based on the premise of total quality and the central importance to customers. Total quality, cutting edge and user focused innovation are what set their exclusive products apart. With a design Made in Barcelona, continuous innovation and the guarantee of quality are three of the cornerstones associated with Aquavia Spa.

The Choice is yours.

Choosing your first hot tub should be an enjoyable and exhilarating experience. We understand that buying a spa is a long term investment, which will provide you and your family with many years of health benefits, enjoyment and relaxation. That's where Lime have made things simple for you, with only four points to take into consideration.

Build quality
The quality of the hydrotherapy
After sales out of warranty service

Aquavia offer all of the above and more. Made from only premium materials, such as acrylic marble and stainless steel, our spas are built to last, all Aquavia spas are individually built to order and assembled by hand, you may therefore assume this quality and attention to detail would come at a premium price, however, Aquavia spas offer outstanding value for money, with a 15 year structural guarantee as standard across the range.

Right for you?
There are many uses and benefits of a hot tub, some are listed below:-

Sound Sleep – when sitting in a hot tub your core body temperature is raised and your blood pressure is lowered, when you get out of your hot tub, your body temperature will start to drop, which in turn will make you feel very relaxed and sleepy, the perfect state to be in before you go to bed. There are studies to show that only 15 minutes in a spa will help to induce sleep.

Hydrotherapy – a hot tub is of great benefit to those suffering from joint pain, as body weight is lifted by 90% because of the waters buoyancy. They can also help to relieve the aches and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Promote productivity – soaking in a hot tub increases the circulation within the body, therefore more oxygenated blood flow to the brain, this helps with productivity, creativity and cognitive ability.

Tips for buying a hot tub: more than 30 features that make our hot tubs unique and exclusive.

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