Aquavia Hot Tub Features

Hot tub features

Before buying a hot tub, it is important to know which features can really make a difference. All Aquavia hot tubs are category leaders in terms of features.

This is our requirement, as well as our first line of defence against our competition in the European hydromassage market. We want all of our hydromassage tubs, hot tubs and swimspas to be exclusive, regardless of the product range to which they correspond.

This section explains all of the features associated with Aquavia Spa hot tubs and swimspas.

Engineering and manufacturing

Features that differentiate us as an innovative hot tub firm, a leader in development and manufacturing.

High Performance Water Care

High-performance cartridge pressure filtration

Metal Frame

Robust frames that ensure the long life of the product

Wifi Touch Panel

Remote control of all of the hot tub's features from anywhere

Surround Bluetooth Audio

High-quality surround sound system controlled from your mobile phone

Made In Europe

Designed and produced exclusively in Europe, with the highest quality certification


Finishes offering extraordinary added value that place us at the forefront of hot tub design.


Furniture without screws, with an easy opening mechanism for handling

Design Line

A distinctive aesthetic touch: the contrast of the white curve

Barcelona Design

The strong influence of one of the most creative cities in the world

Pure Line Lighting

High-quality LED lighting along the central strip around the hot tub

Water quality

Our commitment to health is strictly linked to water of impeccable quality within the hot tub.

Clean Water

Injection of water into the filtration system to neutralise soaps, oils and other deposits that are difficult to remove

Silent pump

Silent, affordable and stand-alone filtration for crystal clear water at all times

Ultraviolet Treatment

Healthy, sustainable and efficient disinfection with ultraviolet light


Hot tubs with details that turn well-being into an enveloping and complete sensation.


Aromas for a personalised atmosphere and increased well-being

Flexible Massage

A sequential massage that simulates the hands of the masseur

Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth-controlled sound system

Relax Impact System

Additional injection of hot bubbles around the leg and buttock areas

Colour Sense

Chromotherapy for increased well-being and health

Efficiency and the environment

Systems that save on costs for your hot tub and benefit the planet.

Energy Saving Cover

A cover designed to maintain the temperature and quality of the water

Nordic Insulation System

Unbeatable energy savings at extremely cold temperatures


Energy-efficient insulation

Finance now available on all of our product range including garage doors, patio awnings, entrance doors, glass rooms, garages & workshops and hot tubs.

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